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Coat of Arms


The decoration above the escutcheon consist of the ancient bishop’s hat with its six tassels on each side and, behind, an Episcopal cross.

The four flames of fire in the “bordure” represent the symbol of the congregation of the Holy Ghost, to which the bishop belongs.

The orb with the cross mounted on it at the base of the shield signifies the kingship of Christ to whose patronage the diocese of Aba is entrusted.

The crown in the upper left quarter of the shield is a tribute to Our Lady the Mother of the Church, devotion to whom animates the Diocese.

The crown in the upper right quarter, which is in no way comparable to the first crown, is an indication of the family root of the bishop: a family of kingly nature, a family of traditional priests in Uke.

The sable colour recalls the Dominican Order, whose illustrious son, St Vincent Ferrer, is the Patron Saint of the new Bishop.

The motto, “Servire in Laetitia,” endeavours to capture the personal ideal or theme of the Bishop’s ministry. It originates in Psalm 99 (100):2, evocative of Mark 10:45 “Not to be served but to serve”. Service of the Diocese is the pulsating theme.

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