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Annunciation Seminary Amaudara Old Boys Association

This is a great opportunity to reconnect to your Alma Mater or become a friend of Annunciation Seminary Amaudara. We recognize that our Minor Seminary is a treasure but our alumni have not been offered the full opportunity to be involved in the success of this great institution. Today this unprecedented effort is aimed at helping Annunciation Seminary Amaudara reconnect with her alumni.

This Association offers the alumni the opportunity to participate in or support the seminary that gave them their start in life. ASAOBA also sets the platform for the programmatic assistance from alumni with current student and parents.

Many Alumni of Annunciation Seminary have already joined this association and are investing and supporting the formation of the minor seminarians to be better priests and responsible citizens in the future.

You can join this association as an alumnus or be a friend of Annunciation Seminary Amaudara. Join today and create a new future for Annunciation Seminary Amaudara that helped us realize our goal.

Contact us @ 

Annunciation Seminary Amaudara Old Boys Association
C/O: Annunciation Seminary, Amaudara              
P.M.B. 9005, Owerrinta,       
Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A.
E-Mail: annunciationseminary@yahoo.com


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